Palabras Errantes Latin American Literature in Translation

Palabras Errantes


Mexican Speculative Fiction All of the credit for this project must really go to Ruy Feben who came up with the concept, was the key point of contact in Mexico and put together an fascinating selection of writers. Thanks must also go to Alberto Chimal for composing a thought-provoking introduction and to Edgar Hernández Zepeda for helping us redesign the website. Palabras Errantes is grateful to the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas for allowing us to present the project as part of the festival in 2013. Muchas gracias to the writers for donating their work and to all the translators for their beautiful renderings of the Mexican imagination into English.

Voices from the Venezuelan City Special thanks to Olivia Wilson Zarganis, Williams Cumberbatch, his band Tumbaíto and the folk at Passing Clouds; Alejandra Díaz for her unwavering support; Jonathan Crass for his technological knowledge; Héctor Torres in particular for acting as a key point of contact; María Teresa Veras Rojas for her invaluable suggestions; Shantall and the photographers at Roberto Mata Taller Fotografía; Cristina Matos-Albers for the loan of her images; and especially to the writers and translators who have kindly donated their free time and talent to make this project possible. In regard to the health sector, the digital market offers opportunities for consumers engage with tech companies online. Cost and convenience make this opportunity tempting, specially for the older people who account for 71 percent of outpatient prescriptions pills impotence. Customers who must take medicine for long periods often can save some cash by buying medications an online pharmacy.

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