Palabras Errantes Latin American Literature in Translation

Balada del exilio/Exile Ballad

Written by/ Escrito por Urayoán Noel.



En tierra de todos

tú y yo sobramos,

quedan los apodos

que ayer nos llamamos.


In the land of all

you and I are left over

with the names we won’t call

one another when sober.


En tierra de algunos

éramos aquellos

dos inoportunos

pescando destellos.


In the land of some

full of light and liquor

we were forced to hum,

fishing for a flicker.


En tierra de pocos

fuimos como esos

estantes barrocos

forrados de huesos.


In the land of few

we were two unknowns,

left, like gaudy shelves, to

overflow with bones.


En tierra de muchos

éramos de los que

alquilan cuartuchos

en medio del bosque.


In the land of many

we were not the poorest,

down to our last penny,

camped out in the forest.


En tierra de nadie

dormiremos juntos,

¡que la luna irradie

su luz de difuntos!


In the land of no one

we will sleep together,

let the moonlight glow one

last time on our tether!


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