Palabras Errantes Latin American Literature in Translation

Palabras Errantes
Mariana Docampo

By Mariana Docampo. Translated  by Carolina Orloff.   Love She loves the contour. But only at the precise moment. The three days before and the three days following the initiation. She loves the fingers raised. The toenails slightly uneven, the varnish messed up. The hairs on the legs. It lasts only three days. Like an […]

Mariana Docampo, ‘The root’
Mariana Docampo, 'The root'

The root Written by Mariana Docampo. Translated by Carolina Orloff. The middle sister was crazy. Every night, she put her children to bed singing them a lullaby from her childhood. Her husband had gone on a trip to Washington, and her youngest daughter held her close as if to absorb her anguish. But this was […]