Palabras Errantes Latin American Literature in Translation

Palabras Errantes
Gerardo Piña
The Erosion of Ink
The Erosion of Ink

By Gerardo Piña. Translated by Lawrence Schimel español At first, it didn’t seem strange to me. The fourth volume of the complete works of the German anthropologist Thomas W. Heinrich had remained in my library for over forty years and I had never consulted it. Therefore, I didn’t know what to think of the barely […]

Schrödinger’s Cat
Schrödinger's Cat

By Gerardo Piña. Translated by Lawrence Schimel. español I knew that Vinicio Irigoyen had died because he told me so himself. Our meeting had not been entirely casual, since we both attended the presentation of Suárez’s latest book. At ten to eleven I decided to go home and on my doorstep he stopped me to […]