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The Conqueror’s Elastic Entrails
The Conqueror's Elastic Entrails

By Bernardo Fernández. Translated by Lucy Greaves. For Gerardo Horacio Porcayo español   Accountant Rabindranath Jiménez rechecked the data showing on the micro-screen implanted in his retina. Apparently the planet in question was rich in copper. Extraordinarily rich in copper. He had a last check through the results that the Corporation’s probe had sent back. […]

The blood our heroes shed
The blood our heroes shed

Written by Bernardo Fernández in collaboration with Gerardo Sifuentes. Translated by Isabelle Chaize. español If all our dreams came true, the world would become a nightmare John Updike 1 Brazil, 1979 A few hundred metres below us Carnival seethed. Rio was a madhouse without walls. But up here, in our penthouse, his back to the […]